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Blending Game Eyeshadow Palette


Keauty Beauty BLENDING GAME Eyeshadow Pallette

40 High Quality Shades👻

1 Eyebase 😇

3 High Quality Highlighter 🤩

And Color Theory 💞

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Product Description:

For the perfect look and finish to your makeup, your eyes need to be dolled up well. Your eyes say a lot, and that’s why you need to have the right shadows for the eyelids and the right colors are chosen. With the Keauty Beauty Blending Game Eyeshadow Palette, you cannot make a mistake choosing the same. With forty high-quality shades to choose from, an eye base added and three high-definition quality highlighters included, this product makes it easy for you to style the eyes with unique looks and mind-blowing color combinations.

 About the item:

  • The Keauty Beauty Blending Game Eyeshadow Palette has around 40 shades for the eyelids to be dolled up in- making it easy for you to pick and choose as per your needs and desires.
  • The product is well-suited to INDIAN skin tones and gives a large coverage to the eyelids once the base is put.
  • Highlighters add a pop to the skin tone and highlight your strong features.
  • The eye base is easy to use, rich, and high-definition.

Gives you a long-lasting and flawless look, for work or socializing.

Manufacturer: Y.X COSMETICS CO. LTD


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